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Net Benefit Impact

We build to solve a problem, serve a purpose, and deliver a net-benefit environmental impact.

What makes Ombraz the most carbon-negative product in the world?

For every pair of Ombraz we sell, we plant 20 mangrove trees in Madagascar. Verified by Greenticket, a third-party carbon audit team in Chile, our tree planting initiatives ensure each pair of Ombraz is 1,713X carbon negative - making Ombraz the most

Who is Greenticket?

We couldn’t just claim to be the most carbon-negative product in the world without third-party verification. Imperative to the process was calculating the carbon emissions across our entire supply chain from production to doorstep delivery. Enter Gre

Who plants our trees?

Since launching in 2018, we’ve worked alongside Eden Reforestation Projects, a non-profit tree-planting organization that employs indigenous locals to regenerate and protect native forests. We focus our tree planting in Madagascar - where many coasta

Why do you plant Mangrove trees instead of other trees?

No other tree species on the planet provides more environmental and socioeconomic benefits than mangrove trees. But the #1 reason we choose to plant mangrove trees is their remarkable carbon sequestration abilities. Mangrove forests are among the mos

What is Ombraz doing looking ahead?

We recognize our product is made primarily of petro-synthetic plastics, and while some of our components are recycled, by no means are we claiming that our product itself is environmentally conscious. Our long-term goal involves developing 100% fully