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What's My SizeUpdated 22 days ago

Ombraz cords are fully adjustable & should fit all head sizes. 

We offer Narrow, Regular and XL frame sizes - each frame in our collection comes in a regular size and either Narrow or XL.

The Classics, Viales, and Camminas are available in Narrow and Regular sizes.

The Dolomites, Tetons and Legerros are available in XL and Regular sizes.

Notoriously small heads should go with the Narrow Classics, Narrow Viales, or Narrow Camminas.

Notoriously large heads should go with the XL Tetons, XL Leggeros, or XL Dolomites.

If you’ve got a regular-sized noggin, any of our Regulars will fit you great.

In case you want to get technical, each product page is equipped with a sizing guide. Feel free to compare the dimensions of our frames to your current go-to pair for a good reference, or use the handy credit-card measurement test below. If you’re still unsure, get both sizes and return the pair that doesn't fit best once you’ve tried them on.

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