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What should I do if my Ombraz are fogging more than my regular sunglasses?Updated a month ago

We've got some tips on how to solve your fogging woes:

  1. Make sure the lenses aren't cold when you put them on your face (ie. sitting in a cold car all night). The cold lenses up against a warm face will fog with relative ease. Warm the lenses up with your car heater or in your pocket.
  2. If you experience fogging, drop the frames a little further down your nose, away from your face, to enable airflow - this little maneuver is something you can’t really do with traditional sunglasses and it usually helps solve the fogging problem. Airflow is key. A lot of people tend to cinch these into their eye sockets like goggles; you definitely should not be doing that. The cord should never be tight. It's a relaxed fit, you should only take out the slack in the cord, so you barely even feel it around your head.
  3. This bottle of Zeiss antifog on Amazon can be applied to the inside of your Ombraz lenses and will help alleviate fogging.
  4. If your fogging issue persists, shoot us a note, here, and we'll be in touch soon.
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