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Rx & Custom LensesUpdated 2 months ago

Ombraz Rx Armless Sunglasses:

We offer fully customizable Rx options through our partners at California-based, Lens & Frame Co. L&F can set you up with any custom lens you need - Glacier lenses, mirrored tints, progressives, unique lens colors…the list goes on. If you need a custom lens, we’ve got you covered in our award-winning armless frames.

The owner at Lens & Frame Co., Darren, will walk you through the entire Rx process and ensure you are getting exactly what you need.  Lens and Frame Co. cuts, edges, and mounts all lenses by hand in their small Southern California lab. You won’t get a better Rx experience anywhere else in the world - their optics, coatings, attention to detail, and customer experience are absolutely world-class. We want to help prescription customers understand the type of value-added, uniquely premium experience that they are receiving as a result of our unique partnership with Lens and Frame Co.  No other ‘sport’ sunglasses brand offers the kind of high-touch service with the level of expertise that Lens and Frame Co. has or the quality that they produce - it’s truly special! Click here to check out our full line of Rx Ombraz.

Vision Insurance:

Lens & Frame Co. makes it easy to apply your vision insurance benefits towards the cost of a pair of custom Rx Ombraz.

Readers and "Cheaters" Lenses:

We offer an innovative Extended Vision reading lens through our partners at Lens & Frame Co. These are specialty multi-focal lenses that are tuned to help you focus your vision up close, and then extend that clear vision another 6 feet. Grab a pair of Ombraz with Extended Vision readers.

Safety Glasses:

Ombraz are currently not ANSI Z87 certified eyewear protection. But our Carl Zeiss nylon lenses are incredibly impact resistant and do pass rigorous impact testing. 

We are hard at work on a Z-87 certified Ombraz frame. This will be a complete-coverage, military-spec frame. For the time being, if you're hoping to grab a milspec or any other safety-enhanced lens, our team at Lens & Frame Co. can equip your Ombraz with whatever you need.

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