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Free 30-Day Returns & ExchangesUpdated 2 months ago

Start A Return or Exchange

We offer free & simple 30-day returns & exchanges on all U.S. orders, including gifts. Get started here.

Shipping Instructions

  1. Pretty Pretty Pleaseeee make sure to diligently wipe down your frames and lenses with the microfiber cloth built into your case. Check your lenses for scratches or other damage. The Ombraz you are sending back should look brand new, as if they were right out of the box. All returned pairs get recirculated into our inventory and sold again - ensuring our return system is as ecologically conscious as possible. (Did you know most companies just throw out returned items? That’s insane.) Our returns team hand inspects every returned pair, and unfortunately, if your Ombraz arrive looking damaged or used, they will not pass our inspection process and your refund/exchange will be voided.
  2. Tuck your Ombraz into their neoprene case, with the adjusters and cords hanging outside the case. Your Ombraz are sturdy. No need for any bubble wrap or extra crap - as long as they're in their case, you're all set.
  3. If you still have the box your Ombraz originally shipped in feel free to reuse it or find a small padded mailer/box to ship in.
  4. Attach your return label to the package and deliver it to your closest USPS location.
  5. If you're exchanging for a different pair, your replacements will be sent out shortly. And just a heads up, refunds can take up to 10 business days to process.

Requested a return?

We’ll process your refund once we receive the original items. You’ll receive an email confirmation letting you know that the process is complete.

Requested an exchange?

You’ll receive an email with a new tracking confirmation as soon as we receive the original item and your new order ships out.

Didn't order on

If you purchased your Ombraz from one of our retail partners, you'll want to initiate your return or exchange through that shop. We've handpicked each of our retail partners but they all have their own unique return and exchange policies/processes. Talk to them nice and they'll surely get you sorted.

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